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“Jennifer Loomis is magical. Her photographs are exceptional-capturing the beauty, emotion, and power of all of her subjects, and always speak volumes for themselves. But in addition to being an extraordinary photographer and innovator in her field, Jennifer is a kind, hilarious, powerful, open, and hugely inspiring woman. Even the most camera shy woman or child will find themselves opening up, blossoming and feeling beautiful in front of Jennifer. Her energy is disarming and her positive attitude is contagious. I was lucky enough to be given a photo shoot with her when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter four years ago. It was a transformative, healing experience for me and I left feeling so good about my pregnant body and myself. Jennifer has since photographed my family and our two children at many stages of our life. We feel so honored to have shared our journey with her, and the photographs that fill our home bring me joy on an hourly basis. As my children grow, I am ecstatic (and comforted) to have Jennifer’s work to document each phase of their life. I could write and write trying to articulate exactly the gift that she has given our family and it would always fall short. She has something… something that I cannot explain…. something wonderful and contagious and beautiful, magical, unusual and priceless. I cannot recommend her highly enough.” Lauren Scout, Pacifica, CA

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J’s maternity photographyfeatured in the press | J’s first book, Portraits of Pregnancy: The Birth of a Mother

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Portraits of Pregnancy

Acclaimed photographer Jennifer Loomis and journalist Hugo Kugiya combine captivating fine-art photographs of pregnant women with intimate stories of their transformative journey into motherhood. The inspiring words and gorgeous photographs of these strong women from all walks of life show others how to deal with conflicting feelings of vulnerability and joy, and underscore that when a baby is born, so too is a mother.

Photograph of a pregnant Taiwanese mother

Tina came into my San Francisco studio for a maternity photography session and she was radiant! She and Kentaro had such fun together, and they also had a wonderful story. They lived apart for nine years. Read on to learn more about how they finally decided to marry. (孕婦寫真, 舊金山 , 孕婦寫真攝影師, 三藩市) 

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Toddler photography


I love photographing toddlers and children because they give you moments and photographs — if they want to. Professional photographers will know what I am talking about. If you can capture their energy, you can  make some magical images. When single mama, Melissa hired me to photograph her family, I knew we were going to have something special.

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