Jennifer Loomis

 Photographer — Seattle, SF, NYC

Photo by Katie Thompson. Jennifer wears Morrison while at Seattle Family Photography’s monthly happy hour.

Known as a pioneer for her work with maternity photography, Jennifer Loomis delights in showing the beauty and wonderment of your pregnancy and highlighting the pregnant female form to be recognized as captivating. Being a mom herself, Jennifer understands how your body changes through pregnancy; it can be thrilling, painful, exciting, exhausting, and through it all you want to feel beautiful – Jennifer captures this exquisiteness so you can have a lifetime memory.


After developing deep friendships with clients and continuing to photograph their life journey, Jennifer expanded her work to include children and families and she thrives in telling stories and capturing the many nuances of your baby, toddler, child or family’s personality. Jennifer works well with her subjects because she always comes up with fun, creative, happy, spontaneous, energetic, and whimsical photographs that will capture your relationship with your children or family.


Holding her Masters in Photojournalism, Jennifer’s experience spans over 2 decades of time behind the camera telling stories from women and families of all walks of life. Jennifer attributes early success to Annie Leibovitz and her studio for recommending her to some of her first maternity clients, which cultivated her desire to show this shape in photos.


Passionate about people and giving back, Jennifer started a non-profit called Adopt-A-Child Photography which helps foster children get professional profile photographs to help them get adopted. It is working. Adopt-A-Child Photography (


Attracted to the bright side of life as well as the quiet and more intimate moments – Jennifer loves meeting new people and would go insane without photography, Brian, her dog Edison, her son, Morrison, art galleries, The World Cup, her daily walks, hiking, international films, an indigo ocean with warm sand, and a good view.




Morrison – Chief Executive Officer

Baby photography for single mom Seattle, images by Jennifer LoomisMorrison is Jennifer’s son, born July 3, 2014. Jennifer was 46. “Having Morrison has taught me so much about the value of my work, and photography of pregnancy and families in general. Each month he changes so much. I treasure those photos I did of him in the studio. And it was difficult even for me to make the time to take him there. But was so worth it, now I have these images I treasure” says Jennifer.

Edison – Head of Security

EdEdison is a two year old mixed flat coat retriever. Found in Astoria, OR, and rescued from the animal shelter by Jennifer and Brian, Edison is still a rambunctious puppy, and constantly reminds Jennifer that she needs to go to the park.